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The Details

You thrust into a briefly opened sea and return muddy and tired, in awe and joy. Read the comments of previous years' runners (on the link page) to get a feel of this thing. Effort meets grandeur.

2017 Details: The headquarters and 5K start will, once again, be at the grassy jut into the bay called Sand Point; the 10K start will again be in the beautiful Soley Cove and end at Sand Point; The Basket Run takes place around the finish area at Sand Point, after both runs are complete. The Basket Run will enchant and inspire our young runners and will delight onlookers.

5K runners will be shuttled by bus to their start lines, just like last year. This is necessary because with our successful growth, 5K cars no longer fit safely along Wharf Road. Emergency vehicles need clear access and participants walking along the road prevent that. Also, this change eliminates the long walk for later arrivals who may be anxious about getting to the start in time. We have arranged to lease extra land at the ball field so all runners, family and friends will park there.

photoThere will be water on the course. We haul pallets of water by boat at high tide to where at low tide the water stations will be. We let the boats settle onto the bottom as the tide drops and they become the water stations. Clearly the weirdest water stations ever. And easy to spot.

For safety and legal reasons, we have to insist that walkers do only the 5k route. The 10k is too long and isolated for even strong walkers to do without the risk of being cut off by the incoming tide. Likewise, we cannot allow dogs on the course (though they are welcome at the headquarters area).

We were thrilled and honored at the last run by John Calder, a noted naturalist and geologist, giving a talk about the area. He is enchanting and knowledgeable. We are hoping he will join us again this year.

This is a community run and you are invited to share in the beauty of this place by participating. Run proceeds, after costs, are donated to local charities.

Be sure to sign-up early! Online registration opens January 1, 2017.