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Poetry Contest & Poems

After a strong start with this in 2010 and a good follow in 2011, the poetry event withered in 2012. A couple of poets were ready to read but lack of leadership at the last moment left even them without a forum. There is no excuse for us not having homemade poems, cooked up during the run. Everyone, all ages and talents, can whip up a poem. And it is really fun to share these together.

This year, we need a Head of Poetry to jigger up interest before the event and to assure the poets gather at an easily found spot around the run headquarters. Dick Lemon has tried to manage this in the past but the day of the run he gets swamped with other tasks and last year because of that the poetry gathering flopped. Someone, please volunteer to do the herding of our poets.

Poetry is important and if we can’t honour it in the glorious beauty of Five Islands after our inspired running, where can we?

Here are poems from previous years.

Mark Austin
taking nothing but mental pics
leaving nothing but deep shoeprints
and carbon vapour from the odd muttered curse
clams clamoring, crabs crabering, barnacles barnacling
us, the invasive species, gently trespassing
mud, setting our pace
no sedentary folks among the sedimentary rocks
Mt. Rushmore-like panels portraying not presidents
but time and spirits
Hear the strata various feigning admiration for our meager trek
particles of jagged light in rippling sand
reflecting sun, fluid metaphors squish between strides
like clay between toes
what isn't on this red-banked course? roadkill, Harleys that go to 11,
Tim Cups
"It's nice to be starting a day upright."
says my blueberry farming companion
gentle breezes pass us, approaching panters, plop, hrrmph, plop, hrrmph
resilient shrubs crown the balding outcrop
hat off reveals a similar cranial summit
approaching (time to muck off)
mudflat succumbing to tide
shoes to stains
words to pocket
Colleen Carey
Shoes, come meet this earth.
Smooth, let it hug you in close.
Sea and soul renewed.
Rachel MacDougall
Holy cats this is hard
I thought I was in shape
Wish I was built like a bean...
But I'm built like a grape

So since I'm built like a grape
I'll make some good wine
Because Moses is my bachelorette party
And I'm having an AMAZING muddy time!!!
Annie Michaud
Sucking in my sneaker
Running getting weaker
Over mud and rocks
Moving in my socks
Little tiny moguls
Making it so painful
But a breathtaking view
Motivates anew
Made it through
To the mat
Final splat
What a great run
Had so much fun...
Judy Parsons
Musings from a Racing Mind
aaah, Not Since Moses
As I feel the Fundy mud squishing between my toes
I envision the man from Glad
Or was it Mister Clean
Holding my running socks aloft
One the colour of sweet cinnamon, the other as white as a news anchorman's smile
Tide's in, dirt's out.
aaah, Not Since Moses
And I envision Moses leading the Israelites
| Across the Dead Sea
Or was it the Red Sea
And I worry
Were they not heading into a desert
Where would they find a tub of water
To wash away the sea slub and slime
That weighted the hems of their robes
Where would they find two trees
To string a clothesline
aaah Not Since Moses
Wha's dat race you're goin' to be in
My mother asked
Not Since Moses I said
Nuts and Samosas - Is that some kind of hippy race? she said
aaah Not SInce Moses
Dirt's In, Tide's out.
Ericka Sutherland
There once was a man named Dick,
Who said the skating rink is slick.
You'll slip and you'll slide,
And fall on your backside
You'll be covered in mud quite thick!
Lenka Mach
Mud Reflections

The tide is low and I'm running on the floor of Fundy Bay,
I'm not alone – there are many like me here today!

Running in the heavy mud
and seeing shoes being sucked
reminded me a good story
from my motherland's history.

Back in the 15th century,
the poor people got really mad
and decided to fight the rich.
They took their farmer's gear
and selected a battle field,
in front of a drained pond.
Here come the knights in heavy armour
and, wait, they all sink in the mud!

Today, it is a different story,
we are all running in glory,
having very muddy fun –
it is the "Not since Moses' run!