A Word from our Founder 

A few days each month the sea empties completely at Five Islands in Nova Scotia.  On those days in 2004 I began running on the ocean floor, around jagged rock formations which were islands an hour before. After a few summers I got hungry to share this solitary joy.  I imagined having a whole community of runners, flowing along the shore during the extreme low tide.  I imagined them absorbing the raw beauty, striding the wet seabed and feeling  connected with other humans boldly and reverently entering a place which felt sacred to me.

And that dream happened, first in 2007 then each year since except for one year when the earth did not provide a tide we could use.  The event is called Not Since Moses.  I like linking the run with Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery into the blank world across the sea. I know I let myself be enslaved, to work and habits and unworthy responsibilities.  This run, each time, clears those away, at least for a day and often for much of the rest of the year, until again comes Not Since Moses.

If you haven’t joined in yet, give yourself the freedom and power to run in a glory you can’t imagine.  If you have run it, do it again because each time I ran the course, by myself and especially with others, it was different.  I saw and felt life new to me. No matter what, having to get up ridiculously early or run in a cold rain Moses never knew, Not Since Moses each time added light and health to that day and usually to many many more. 

I regret I can no longer run in this magical event.  I urge you to not miss a single one now while you can run and find joy on the bottom of the sea.

Dick Lemon, Founder, Not Since Moses

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