SOOO much for your hospitality and putting on such an amazing event on the weekend!  One of the best Races I have ever been too!  The LIVE band was tooo awesome!  The Bathtub at the end was perfect, the extra mile taking care of my wet munchkins was much appreciated too!See you next year!     ~   Robert

Thank you for the amazing and completely different 5k. Stopping on our east coast roadtrip from Hamilton Ontario it has definitely become one of the highlights of our trip.  Thank you again  ~  James & Jordan

It was a phenomenal experience!    ~   Vicki

This is a note to say 'thank you' to all the organizers & volunteers of the 2017 Not Since Moses run. I was drawn to run this event (my first time!) after hearing so many positive reports from friends who have run it in the past. I convinced my daughter & son-in-law to take a day out their summer vacation (school teachers in UK) to get out of bed at 6 am & drive from Moncton to Five Islands. The scenery was spectacular & the rain was unwelcome but what are you going to do, right? You run & have as much fun as possible!   I'm a regular distance running addict. My daughter & son-in-law run a bit to keep fit when they're not in the gym or yoga studio. We all found the course a challenge compared to our usual workout but it was good fun to be out there with hundreds of others on the ocean floor.   Hats off to the organizers & volunteers. I truly hope to come back for another year. Maybe I'll get to take my camera out for some candid or scenic photos without fear of getting waterlogged.   ~   Sincerely   Douglas

Just wanted you to know - we had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Thanks for all you and everyone else does to make this event happen. ~  Jill

I just wanted to tell you what a great event yesterday was!!!! I have been before but my sister-in -law came with me yesterday and we had such a fun time!!!....rain and all.  When we arrived at the parking spot to the finish everyone was smiling, cheerful and helpful!!  The lady who came into the building where the bags were being held when it was raining talked to everyone...asked for questions and kept the moral up.  It was awesome!!! my sister in law and myself have one question.....when does registration for 2018 begin?????...because we will be signing up and taking friends with us.  Thank for organizing such a great event!    ~    Debra

Thanks again for a perfect day of fun! The rain was a bonus! Kept me cool and moving, thank all the volunteers, they are incredible, I think the rain was hard on some of them and I appreciate their willingness to stand out for so long. This year I got to run the 10 with my daughter!    ~      Bonnie

Thanks for a great time today. Well done  ~         Kent

I wanted to thank you and ALL of your volunteers for the race today. We had an amazing experience running through mud, rain, river, puddles and sand.  It truly was an experience we will never forget!!  Your volunteers were so enthusiastic and encouraging. When my youngest felt like he could not go on, one lovely girl gave him a high five and told him to keep going.    Thank you for making our trip East fantastic. I can't wait to come back and do it again sometime!  Thanks so much,        ~        Jen