Runner Tips & FAQs

Welcome to our keen new runners and welcome back to our many excitable Moses fans!



We are thrilled have a perfectly timed tide so we can offer you our fantastic runs in 2020 on Saturday August 22.

Our runs this year will both start at 8:00 AM. Read important information about parking & busing here. 


To assist you with your run weekend planning, we’ve got some tips!

Where do I pick up my bib & run shirt?

If at all possible, please try to pick up your race kit in advance. With an event this large,  it helps our volunteer registration team  and makes for a much easier race day experience for our participants when we can reduce the kit pickups to an absolute minimum on race day. So here are your kit pick-up options:

Friday, August 21: - 3 pm to 8 pm, both new runner registration  & pre-registered runner kit pick-up at Five Islands Lighthouse Park (96 Broderick Lane, Five Islands, NS - watch for flags & signs on Route 2).


Saturday, August 22: - 6:00 am to 7:30 am, runner kit pick-up at Five Islands Lighthouse Park

The runs start promptly at 8:00 am so please allow time to pick up your kit, grab the bus, and get to the start lines in time. 

I haven't registered yet for the Not Since Moses, can I still do that? 

Registration is $60.00.   Note that, due to the need to dedicate our planning team to the important task of run logistics, there will be NO race day registration for the 5k and 10k runs. However, youth who are participating in the basket run may register on race day ($15 per youth). 


For safety reasons, all participants who are WALKING or RUNNING-WALKING must do the 5K, not the 10K. Both courses are gorgeous!

How can I be sure to get one of the fabulous annual run T-shirts?

If you register by mid-July (Date TBD), you will be guaranteed to receive our collector's item T-shirt! Men's and women's sizes available - see registration form to indicate your size.  Shirts will not be guaranteed for those who register after the cut off date in July. 

Parking and Buses -NOTE:  New Race Route for 2020.

All car parking (for runners and spectators) is at the Five Islands Lighthouse Park.  10k runners will be bussed to the 10k start in Soley Cove.  The 5k start, basket run and spectator area including the finish line for all runs will be accessed directly from the Lighthouse Park.


Please plan to arrive in good time to allow a half hour to queue for the 10k buses. and to make you way to the start.

Do the 10k and 5k runs have different start locations?

They sure do! For the 10k, the bus takes you from the Lighthouse Park,  up over Economy mountain down to Soley Cove.  You'll hop off there and signage will direct you to the top of the cliff and the stairs down to the start line. Some port-a-johns will be at the pickup site and more will be along the forest path above the start area. 

The 5k will start from the beach adjacent to the Lighthouse Park on Broderick Lane.

Note that the Lighthouse Park  is also the finish line for both the 5K and 10K. All spectators should go the park.

What do I do with my backpack & stuff that I might want at the finish line? 

A tent shelter will be available at the Lighthouse Park for backpacks and other items to be stored during the race.  This space will not be directly monitored - please do not leave valuables in the tent shelter.  We will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.


How to I get to Five Islands? 

From Halifax

Minimum travel time (no stops) = 2 hours and 15 minutes from downtown Halifax. (Reduce travel time by 1/2 hr if coming straight from Halifax airport. 

Directions: Take Highway 102 north to Truro and just past Truro, at the fork, take the left lane ramp toward Amherst on Highway 104 West.  At Exit 12, marked to Highways 2&4, take the exit ramp to the right.  Cross over the 104, and take the first exit from the Masstown Market roundabout.  After approximately 3 km,  turn left onto Highway 2 toward Parrsboro and travel west for approximately 40 km following the shoreline (passing through the villages of Great Village, Bass River and Economy).  At this point the road will ascend Economy Mountain, upon reaching the peak you will overlook the village of Five Islands.  After travelling another 5km, turn left at Broderick's Lane towards Five Islands Lighthouse Park where you will find parking for both registration and all race events. 

From Moncton

Minimum Travel time (no stops) =  2 hours from Moncton, or 1 hrs  15 mins from Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Directions: From Moncton, take TransCanada Highway east to Nova Scotia where it is signed Highway 104, take Exit 4 near Amherst and turn right onto Highway 2 (signs for Springhill and Parrsboro), .  After approximately 5km cross the new bridge and turn right onto Route 302 and travel southward through Nappan , Maccan  and Southampton.  At Southampton Route 302 ends and becomes Highway 2 towards Parrsboro.  


After approximately 20km arrive in Parrsboro.  Take a sharp left turn at the Irving Station, staying on Route 2 toward Truro.  Five Islands is about 20 minutes from Parrsboro.  Following Highway 2 turn right at Broderick's Lane toward Five Islands Lighthouse Park where you will find parking for both registration and all race events. 


What are my responsibilities as a runner for taking water bottles on the course?

In past years, we experienced a ghastly problem with far too much litter on the course. Runners need to understand that this is not a typical race where there are trash cans and garbage trucks nearby to quickly collect discarded empty water bottles.

We REALLY NEED you to either:

a) carry your own water (ideally)

b) or, if you are drinking from one of the water bottles we provide, please deposit your empty plastic bottles in one of the garbage bags that our volunteers are holding on the route. Volunteers are wearing shirts with "Volunteer" on the back to help you see them!

The fact is our volunteers simply do not have time to run around the ocean floor gathering up 1000+ loose plastic bottles before the tide comes in.

We know that all our runners want to be respectful of the pristine environment where we are running so we are asking you all to PLEASE deposit your empty bottles and garbage in the hands of our volunteers. Due to the terrain, it is impossible for you to make your personal best time anyway so please take a second to hand us your trash, not drop it on the course. We really appreciate your cooperation here!

How muddy is it, really? 

Our course is designed to minimize our impact on clamming fields on the ocean floor. There is still lots of mud, barnacles, sand and rocks. For those who haven’t developed mud techniques, keep two things in mind:  fun and pleasure.  It is fun to skate/ski across slick mud, keeping your weight forward on your toes; and when the fun wears off you are left with the pleasure of mud holding your foot, maybe thigh, certainly your shoe.  People pay lots of money for clinging mud baths.  Here it is included in the registration fee! 

Although many of our runners choose to leave their muddy running shoes behind, it is completely possible to clean your shoes by bagging them while wet at the course then soaking them in a bucket of warm water when you get home! Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities in this remote location, to enable a boot wash for runners however there is a water tap in the park.

How precise is the 5k, 10k measurement? 

Everyone knows about relativity. By necessity it happens in our course lengths.  We do as careful a job as can be.  First we boat over the course and using a gps drop weight markers at each kilometer and at the water stations.  Then two days before and on the day before we will run the course with gps watches and adjust the markers as we pound stakes to guide volunteers. So the courses should be exactly 5 and 10 kilometers in length. 

Sounds good.  But the tides are so strong that sometimes by our low tide on Saturday morning the course gets adjusted.  

Do I have any chance of making a personal best time?

If you want a PR, this is your run.  That is, if a personal record for slow is your goal.

Do take it easy.  Most the course is clear sailing on packed sand but lots of it is sea bed small rocks, some sea weed, a dash of ice slick mud. Due to these varied hazards, and the reality that random rocks and shells buried in the mud, no bare feet are permitted on the course.

Will there be any food or drink for sale on site?

Water and bananas will be provided on site during the race.  As we are currently revamping the race details, other offerings will be announced when confirmed.  Please watch this space and our live social media updates for more information.

Is either child care, or pet care provided at the run?

We are not able to supply child care. Dogs are not allowed on the course, again due to the mixed terrain and hazards to their paws. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide pet care while you run.

Will there be music? 

We’re pleased to provide music by a local band as well as our Bagpiper.  We’ve built a stage which will be on the edge of the Lighthouse Park overlooking the start/finish/basket run.  A sound system will be in place so that runners and spectators will be able to keep informed during the race.


What about the availability of first aid?

Our medical team is great again this year: Canadian Ski Patrol is providing volunteers who will be stationed at the 5K mark, at the 2.5K turn around, and at the finish line.