A crazy course like ours requires a huge number of volunteers to assist. If you are a friend of a runner, or a spectator, or a runner with an injury who is taking a break from running, we’d appreciate your help!




Volunteer jobs, with time commitment needed, include:

-Friday afternoon and evening registration table at Five Islands Lighthouse Park in Five Islands, if you can give us an hour or two, it would be appreciated: giving out kits & bibs or serving at the reception event (plans for this are not yet finalized).

-Saturday morning early registration table at Five Islands Lighthouse Park  (you’ll be finished just as the run starts and will have lots of time to get to the course to see the runners on the course and conclude the run) - 5:00 am to 8:00 am

-Start and finish line helpers:  to cut & serve bananas, to serve water, assist with kids’ runs, cheer runners across the finish line. 730 am to 1030 ish

-5K course monitors -  fit and able-bodied people to go out on the muddy course with our team captains to monitor the runners and help them find the course in the mud! You’ll walk (or run) out on the course an hour ahead of the start time and walk (or run) in right after the last runner passes. This job is ideal for 5K runners as you get to be on the course. Volunteering starts 7:00 am, (actual run starts at 8 am but you need time to meet your captain and get out on the ocean floor into position) and goes to around 10:30.

-10K course monitors - need to be really fit for this and able to run at least 7k as you will want to walk (or run) out to your position an hour before the run starts, then run in after the last runner goes by. This opportunity ideal for 10k+runners. Volunteering starts 6:30 am, (actual run starts at 8 am but you need time to meet your captain and get out on the ocean floor into position) and goes to around 10:30. 

More Events that will require Volunteer Support are planned!  Check back here for more information as we get closer to race day!

If you are able & inclined to join our team of volunteers, you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous, special edition Not Since Moses 2020 volunteer Tshirt, as well as plenty of laughs and great memories.  Also all volunteers are invited to a  BBQ  after the run.  Time and place will be announced at a later date.

Got questions about volunteering, contact our fabulous volunteer coordinator:

Nick Patocka @ volunteers.notsincemoses@gmail.com  

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In the village of Five Islands on the north shore of Nova Scotia's Minas Basin - Bay of Fundy (Eastern Canada).

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The Not Since Moses is a not-for-profit  run with proceeds going to support Environmental Education in the local community.

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